Watch Lessons from Week 3

  • Body: Force and Stress + Week 3 Workouts: 00:16:47
  • Mind: Self and Beliefs as a Global Citizen: 00:18:22

“I went through The Trials and came out the other end with a clearly defined life purpose, a keen sense of where I wanted to take things in my life, a more robust mind and body, and access to a supportive community of high-achieving, service-driven men. Not too bad, eh? Commit, do the work, and see who you can become.” – Rich K. (Drummer, Danko Jones)

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“The Trials program is geared towards anyone who feels like they are capable of more in life. Right from the first introduction of the course, you are immediately put on a path of self-reflection and self-identity.” – Travis E. (Former NHL Player)