The Trials are deconstruction, discovery and training for the mind, body, and soul. This online course will have you contemplating some profound and sometimes painful questions, putting your physical body to the test, and unraveling the thread of your true potential as you encounter the 3 mythic trials that test all of us human beings on the road to being the best version of ourselves.

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The Trials will immerse you in core lessons needed to become your own best coach for both your body and mind.

Learn sophisticated methods of physical training programming for your own unique needs and context. Learn how to communicate with the best version of yourself who is the ultimate earthly guide for a meaningful human experience.

Regenerate the generationally forgotten ability to tune into your body and mind to respond accordingly as you negotiate the world at the highest level.

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Get 12-weeks of physiological programming in which you will learn how to customize your workouts based on your unique needs and context. At the end of The Trials, you will have the ability to create your own programming for life.


Get 12-weeks of self-discovery exploration practices in which you will intentionally deconstruct your current reality, analyze your strengths and shadows, and self-construct a new path forward on your own terms.

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The Trials offers you 31 professionally produced video lessons and 3 real-world challenges which you’ll access through our online portal. Each video lesson is accompanied by PDF notes and homework.


Get access to The Trials Slack Channel to discuss your journey, discoveries, and challenges.


In the spirit of friendly competition, each challenge is scored and ranked among your peers.

Psychological discovery and training to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Understanding Self and your beliefs as a global citizen
  • Realizing your purpose and life’s work
  • Building a future vision and future version
  • Environmental analysis and inventory
  • Deep dive into your personality
  • Lifestyle design and architecture

Physiological self-discovery and training to connect body and mind with physical movement, endurance, grit and strength building.

  • Understanding physical force and stress
  • Specific adaptation to imposed demands
  • Energy systems and metabolic pathways
  • Working with planes of motion and movement patterns
  • Microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles
  • Creating your own training program

Real-world challenges to get you out of your comfort zone, push your limits, and access altered states of consciousness.

Encounter 3 trials that will test you on the road to being the best version of yourself:

  • Challenges can be performed anywhere and need minimal extra equipment
  • Understand the power of suffering as transcendence on physical and mental planes
  • Embrace fear and mental/physical chaos
  • Get scored on your output and see how you’ve scored among your peers
  • Discuss your journey and challenges with The Trials community


  •  For people who are looking to identify their highest goals and want to discover the tools necessary to achieve them.
  • For people who do not fully resonate with the modern ideals of success and are looking to redefine “the good life” on their own terms.
  • For people who are looking to gain sophisticated insight into their bodies and minds so they can operate at their highest level.
  • The Trials have been designed specifically for men, however we welcome anyone who’s called to this type of work.
  • If you’ve participated in The Process, you will get access to this course as a part of Phase 4.


To enroll in this course, click on the button below which best suits your needs. You’ll get immediate access to your first week of training/classes and access to our community Slack channel.


Jeff Depatie JTF2

Jeff Depatie

Jeff Depatie recently retired from the Canadian special forces as a JTF2 sniper and is the founder of The Process, The Special Forces Experience. He’s a behavioral architect, precision shooter, and has spent years of his life in deserts, jungles, extreme cold, and other hardly inhabitable areas of the world.

Today, he’s using his skills of human potential selection and adversity training to identify and elevate superior men and bring them together to see if we can collectively solve some of the world’s biggest issues from the ground up by being better role models and leaders.

He is dedicated to maintaining peak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shape – in addition to constantly improving the courage it takes to will that strength. 

Aaron Guyett The Trials

Aaron Guyett

Aaron Guyett is a devoted husband, father, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, combat instructor, master instructor at living.fit, the founder of Innovative Results, Battle Ropes Education, and Leaders of Leaders.

He specializes in teaching metabolic pathway programming and conditioning to develop power, strength, and endurance, while also helping people understand most physical and physiological transformation start with the mind. 

He delivers uncompromising results to teams, organizations, and communities with both hard skills–like aerobic capacity, speed, agility, quickness, power, strength, and movement variability–and soft skills–like positive neuroplasticity training, communication development, leadership development, honesty, trust, and love. 

Rick Alexander The Trials

Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander, a former special operations member, cultural evolutionist & mindset coach. He’s also an ultra-endurance athlete, author of Burn Your Couch and the host of Morning Coffee Podcast. He’s built his professional and personal life around guiding others from inside the trenches of adversity.

Rick has not only passed multiple rigorous special forces selection programs with attrition rates as high as 78% but also served on the cadre for the Naval Special Warfare Orientation (BUD/S) course which saw as many as 2500 candidates per year try their hand at one of the hardest selection programs in the world.

Rick served as an instructor, a counselor and in many cases, a mentor for the students looking to become a Navy SEAL or SWCC.


  • Smartphone/computer with internet to access the course
  • Journal and pen
  • A space to move your body
  • A rucksack or backpack


To enroll in this course, click on the button below which best suits your needs. You’ll get immediate access to your first week of training/classes and access to our community Slack channel.

Luke Montgomery, Producer

Luke Montgomery is an independent filmmaker, photographer, writer and committed storyteller, who deeply believes in the power of perspective to change the world. From the written word to the frozen frame – he is driven to capture and create that which might give us hope, insight, and a better future. Since childhood, he has had a burning passion for world travel, philosophy, and a good

Jessica Depatie

Jessica Depatie, Contributor

Jessica Depatie specializes in the decision-making psychology of what makes individuals pursue greatness. She dives deep into the why’s and hows of growth in the journey of living happier and healthier futures. Jessica is often quoted as saying, “if you save men, you save the world.” She believes the work being done through The SFE and other like-minded collectives to focus on the spiritual, mental, and physical growth of men will make radical, positive shifts in the future of humanity.